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Amazing Pros and Cons of Keto Diet – FAQS of 2023

The keto diet is getting more and more popular day by day as people are becoming aware of its many benefits. So, you need to know the many pros and cons of the keto diet if you want to know how much benefit you can get by implementing this diet.

Keto diet


Pros Cons

Weight Loss 

Burst of Energy   

Mental Clearance 

Might help in Type 

1 as well as Type 2 


Help to regulate 

proper metabolism  

Regulate Proper 

Bowl Movement  

Might prevent 

Heart Disease


Keto Flue

Sudden change

of diet can cause

stomach upset

Hunger Craving

Feeling of dullness

You can also experience other cons of the keto because of sudden changing of the diet. So, it is always advised to gradually introduce the keto diet. Before you start the keto diet you need to know many things. Before question comes into your mind, let me help you with the questions and answers.

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet – What to Eat?

After knowing most of the pros and cons of the keto diet, you need to know what foods you can include in your diet and these are some of the common questions people always ask.

Is balsamic vinegar keto?

Yes, balsamic vinegar as well as apple cider is also keto friendly. Both of these vinegars help to regulate the sugar balance of the body. Moreover, balsamic vinegar can also help to lower the hunger craving.             

Can you chew gum on keto?

No, you cannot chew gum on keto but you can have keto friendly gum. You can find many keto gummies to help you with the carb control.              

Is sauerkraut keto?  

Sauerkraut is usually made with fermented cabbage and it is often rich in fiber. So, it can help in weight loss as well as digestion. It also contains enzymes that can help you to absorb the required nutrients. Because it is rich in fibers so, hunger craving will be lower and you can have such thing included in keto diet.

Is tofu keto?  

Yes, tofu is keto and it is a source of protein. Plant based tofu can also be called as carbs free as well as sugar free. If you have 100 grams of tofu you will only be having 1g or carbs. So, tofu can provide you with the least amount of carbs for your keto .

Are sunflower seeds keto ?

Yes, sunflower seeds keto and they are popular high fat snack of keto. You can have 35 calories, 165 proteins with just 1 ounce of shelled sunflower seed.

Are mushrooms keto?

Yes, mashrooms can be easily consumed on the keto diet. Mashrooms are low in carbohydrates, fats and calories. You can have a good amount of fiber because of mashrooms. Also they are rich in potassium, folate, magnesium, and zinc so, they are healthy in nature.

Are pickles keto?

If pickles contain sugar then they are not keto friendly and if they do not have sugar then they can be accommodated in keto diet.           

Onions on keto?

No, onions are not considered as keto. Onions do not have fat and have ample amount if carbs.

Are hot dogs keto?

Yes, hot dogs are keto friendly. However, you may have to avoid buns and sugary toppings that may come with them.

Is mustard keto?        

Yes, mustard is ok for keti. With low carbs you can include mustard in your keto diet. However, you need to avoid honey mustard because it contains carbs.

Is blue cheese keto?

Yes, blue cheese can be good to go for keto and you can have 32 calories in just (1/3 oz) of piece also 0.2 g of carbs, 2 g of protein, and 2.5 g of fat.

To have the best low carb diet you can make a chart of the things you can eat and you can choose your favourite ones.

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