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Warning Many "healthy" foods contain MSG in the form of yeast extract

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There’s a lot of deceptiveness in the labeling of food products found at your regional supermarket and even at numerous natural food shops. A troubling trend I’ve noticed is that many vegetarian items and grocery products billed as “healthy” or “natural” are using chemical additive taste enhancers found in a component listed right on the label.

It is used by food producers as a taste enhancer– something to cover up the dull tastes of these foods and make them more enticing to customers. Food makers don’t want to list MSG on the labels, particularly when they know that customers will prevent getting products that list MSG.

How do they hide this ingredient?

 They hide the component in another component called “yeast extract,” then they put yeast extract in the product and list “yeast extract” right on the label. 

It might be a scam sorts of natural health products and vegetarian products are using chemical taste enhancers in the form of yeast extract, but are stopping working to reveal to consumers that they actually include MSG

And if you look around at the natural health items in natural food stores and grocery stores, you’ll discover that yeast extract is a rather popular component. It’s used in soups, in vegetarian mixes, in some tofu blends, and even so-called natural frozen foods.

Does yeast extract have exactly the same result as MSG?

I can personally confirm that yeast extract has the exact same result as MSG, because I am a person who is very sensitive to MSG. Upon consuming even a percentage of MSG, I experience an extreme headache that lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Consuming yeast extract triggers specifically the very same effect as consuming MSG.

Food manufacturers do not reject that yeast extract contains MSG– it’s something that’s widely known in the food production market. I think this practice to be careless and unethical, and I strongly urge you to not only avoid buying items made with yeast extract, but avoid items from companies that use yeast extract in any of their items.

Unfortunately, many of these food makers are producing items for the so-called natural food market. In a manner that is unfortunately all too real, conventional grocery products and processed foods will note MSG right on the label. 

At the same time, so-called healthy products will utilize yeast extract, so they can prevent mentioning MSG on the label. Yet, both items consist of MSG, and both products bring the risk of harmful side effects related to MSG.

Are you any safer by purchasing health foods rather than standard grocery store foods? Processed foods are un healthy foods, period.

It’s likewise a good concept, as you’ve often heard me advise on NewsTarget com, to supplement your diet plan with whole food supplements, organic vitamins, and superfoods, such as chlorella, spirulina, broccoli sprouts and sea vegetables. 

This is the method to achieve optimum nutrition, not by purchasing processed foods that are camouflaged as healthy foods, despite the fact that they contain ingredients known to induce hazardous side-effects in the body.

Next time you go to a health food shop, look at the product boxes and cans on the shelves, and see just the number of you can discover that contain yeast extract.

It’s particularly simple to find with vegetarian foods, which simply goes to show you that even if a product says “vegetarian” on the label does not indicate it’s good for you (or that the business making it gives a hoot about your health).

It is used by food manufacturers as a taste enhancer– something to cover up the boring tastes of these foods and make them more appealing to customers. Food manufacturers do not reject that yeast extract includes MSG– it’s something that’s popular in the food manufacturing market.

 Many of these food manufacturers are creating items for the so-called health foods market. Are you any safer by buying health foods rather than traditional grocery store foods? Processed foods are unhealthy foods, duration.

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